You have a goal. 

You know where you want to be. 

You want to learn, grow, and share the passions you have, using beautiful photography and content that tell your story.

You want to show up authentically and attract the tribe, clients, and supporters that love what you do! 

You want to document your life in great photos. 

If you're saying YES YES YES - I know that feeling so well, and I want to help you achieve those goals. 

Photography and social media Mentorships

growing your skills



- Four week program
- Portfolio review and identifying strengths and weaknesses.
- Weekly video tutorials sent out with the 5 skills for you to learn on photoshop that week. - Weekly start to finish image edit video, where you can see how I've created some of my fave edits step by step. 
- Weekly 1 hour zoom meet-ups where you can ask all the questions/struggles you have come across over the week and I can demonstrate/clarify any tools/skills to help you become a high level editor.

What's Included:

Beginner to intermediate editing mentorship. 

Types of mentorships

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Must have current lightroom and photoshop subscritions.

Editing is essential to creating photography and photography products where you can get really creative with your style, branding, and attract clients and viewers like bees to honey! 

Great editing skills also allow you to easily fix things from lens issues and distortion, to bad lighting and colour casts,  to enhancing the beauty in a scene or location, and generally appear more polished. Especially when you are photographing people. 

An editing mentorship with me is the short cut quick route to mastering the essential lightroom and photoshop skills you need to create your own editing style and make your photos stand out. 



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Reels, and stories and posts, and hashtags and engagement... Managing ads, managing bookings, working with brands and creating a brand...  

And then of course - there's the whole business of fostering joy in the process along with maintaining balance in your life!  

There are so many nuances to being an online creator, but I'm here to help you figure out exactly what you need, in order to grow your business and your online presence... Along with WOWING your potential clients. 


Three 1 hour zoom meetings that include:

- Instagram and Website/Portfolio review.
- Customized hashtag strategy for your niche, with relevant hashtag lists sent to you.
- Live introduction to Lightroom and presets editing session via Zoom, along with my fave phone editing apps.
- How to create stories and reels that wow, with the insider info on all my fave apps and fave video gear. 
- Answer any of the other questions and struggles you may have with the goal of growing your audience and your business! 


instagram/social media/photography mix Mentorships


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