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Hello and welcome, if you’re reaching my new blog through my recent Instagram Reel!

I thought it would be a great resource to share all the seeds I’m buying, and where I’m getting them, but what I didn’t know was that creating this list would make me go through all the seeds I had, clean them all up (from ones I no longer wish to grow, to old seeds that needed to go) and that now I actually have a list of all the things I’m planting and buying and from where!

I will be the first to admit, I’m not a very organized person by nature. I often fly by the seat of my pants and only track what I need to, but this really helped ME, as much as I meant to create it to help YOU!

This list does not contain all the seeds I save myself and plant year to year (like cosmos, hollyhocks, sweet peas, peas, beans, thousands of zinnias seeds, lotsa pumpkins, bachelors button and many more). Maybe that’s a list for another day!

In the meantime, here are way over 100 of the seed types I have purchased, many of which I simply prefer to buy to save myself time and effort while knowing I’ll get great results.

If you choose to buy from West Coast Seeds I would love if you used my affiliate link, where I receive a small commission at no cost to you!


Bronco Cabbage – Veseys

Artwork Broccolini – Veseys

Graffiti Cauliflower – Veseys

Cauliflower – West Coast Seeds

Summer Purple Broccoli – Veseys 

Hybrid early white Cauliflower- Johnny’s 

Konstance Kohlrabi – Veseys

Gypsy Broccoli – Veseys


Goldfinger Carrots- Veseys

Napoli carrots – Veseys

Bolero Carrots – West Coast Seeds

Crimson giant radishes – McKenzie

French Breakfast radishes – McKenzie

Champion radishes – McKenzie 

Beet Blend – West Coast Seeds

Tasty Green Cucumber – Veseys 

Cucamelon – Veseys

Calypso Cucumber – Veseys

Taladega Cucumber – Veseys

Mini me cucumbers – West Coast Seeds

Earlichamp Melons – West Coast Seeds

Leafy Greens:

Rainbow Lacinato Kale – West Coast Seeds

Organic Arugula – West Coast Seeds

Buttercrunch Lettuce – West Coast Seeds 

Red Iceberg Lettuce – West Coast Seeds

Skookum Spinach – West Coast Seeds

Crisp Mint Lettuce – Heritage Harvest Seed

Mesclun Mix – Veseys

Iceberg Lettuce – McKenzie 


Red Beard Scallions – West Coast Seeds

Rally Leeks – Veseys

Red Spring Onions – Veseys

Globo Onions – Veseys


Cinnamon Basil – West Coast Seeds

Dark green Italian parsley – West Coast Seeds

Lemon Bush Eucalyptus- West Coast Seeds

Peppermint – West Coast Seeds

Lemon balm – West Coast Seeds

Orangelo thyme – West Coast Seeds

Red Perilla Shiso – West Coast Seeds

Dolce Fresca Basil – West Coast Seeds

Organic sage – West Coast Seeds

Organic basil – West Coast Seeds

Dark green Italian parsley – West Coast Seeds

Summer savoury – West Coast Seeds

Rosemary – West Coast Seeds

Sweet Thai basil – West Coast Seeds

Holy basil – West Coast Seeds

Spearmint – West Coast Seeds

Lavance lavender – West Coast Seeds

Blue spear lavender – West Coast Seeds

French lavender – West Coast Seeds

Spanish eyes lavender – West Coast Seeds

Borage – West Coast Seeds

Calypso Cilantro – Veseys

Angelica – heritage harvest seeds


Jarrahdale Blue – Johnny’s

Musquée de Provence – Johnny’s

Long Island Cheese – Incredible Seed Company 

Marina do Chioggia – Incredible Seed Company 

Porcelain Doll – Veseys

Early Giant – Veseys


Note: I grow mainly SanMarzano that we grow from saved seeds as they are the best for sauce! 

But I also grow a couple of each of these:

Pruden’s Purple – West Coast Seeds

Black Prince – Heritage Harvest Seed

White Current – Heritage Harvest Seed

Pink Brandywine – West Coast Seeds

Indigo Rose Black Tomatoes – West Coast Seeds

Sun gold Cherry – Johnny’s 

Cut Flowers:

The Roses Mix Asters – West Coast Seeds

King Size Apricot Aster – Johnny’s

Liliput White Zinnia – stems flower farm 

Isabellini Zinnia – stems flower farm 

Zinderella peach Zinnia – Floret

Unicorn Mix Zinnia – Floret

Alpenglow Zinnia – Floret

Precious Metals Zinnia – Floret

Blush Corncockle – Floret

Snow maiden pincushion flower – Floret

Cresto Peaches and Cream Zinnia – Stems Flower Farm

Cerinthe – Renee’s Garden

Desert Sun f1 Sunflower – Johnny’s

Autumn Beauty Sunflower – Johnny’s

Sahara Rudbeckia – Floret

Blue Didiscus – Bumbleseeds

Potomac Appleblossom – Johnny’s

Orleans Lemon Yellow – Johnny’s 

Chantilly Light Salmon – Johnny’s 

Iron Pastel Mix Stock – Johnny’s

Vintage Brown Stock – Johnny’s

Autumn’s Palette Amaranth – Stems Flower Farm

Chocolate Lace Dara – Stems Flower Farm

Autumn Beauty Sunflower- Johnny’s

Ammi, Queen Of Africa – William Dam Seeds

Ammi, Green Mist – William Dam Seeds

Cosmos Apricotta – Floret

Dried Flowers:

Audray Purple Red Gomphrena – Johnny’s Seeds

Sultans Strawflower – West Coast Seeds

Silver Dollar Tree Eucalyptus- West Coast Seeds

Baby Blue Bouquet Eucalyptus – Johnny’s 

Lunaria – West Coast Seeds

Bread Seed Rattle Poppy – Floret

Love in a Mist – Floret

Supreme Mix Statice – West Coast Seeds

Baby’s Breath – West Coast Seeds

Winged Everlasting – Stems 

Orange Gomphrena – Johnny’s 

Starflower Scabiosa – Johnny’s

Carmine Gomphrena- Johnny’s 

Statice QIS White – William Dam Seeds


Cress – Floret

Quaking Grass – West Coast Seeds

Bunny Tails – West Coast Seeds

Utrecht Blue Spring Wheat – Stems Flower Farm

Panicum QIS Sprinkles – William Dam Seeds


Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea – West Coast Seeds

Yarrow – West Coast Seeds 

White Swan Echinacea – Bumble Seeds 

Feverfew Venmo Single – Floret

Black Columbine – Stems 

Cherokee Sunset Rudbeckia – Stems


Fizzy Fruit Salad Viola – West Coast Seeds

Cherry Caramel Phlox – West Coast Seeds

Big Duck Marigold – Veseys

I hope that you found this list inspiring and helpful!

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american Gardeners:

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I need to add that I always check dollarama for seed trays and jute twine and other great items for a great deal! 

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