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Hi there!

This garden is about to get a MAJOR glow-up and you are hearing about it before anyone here!

For the link to the gardens I’ll be installing just click here and use code LIFEOFGLOW10 to save 10%!

I’m talking 6 raised beds, new trellis additions, and a ton of “new to me” plants to aid along my herbalist journey, which you’ll be hearing some announcements about soon.

In the meantime…. Let me kick this off by sharing the list of herbs, edible, and medicinal flowers that will be being grown in this space:

Click here for my link to my seed source, and partner, West Coast Seeds.

Herbs I will be growing!

Cinnamon Basil

Dark green Italian parsley

Lemon Bush Eucalyptus


Lemon balm

Orangelo thyme

Red Perilla Shiso

Dolce Fresca Basil

Organic sage

Organic basil

Dark green Italian parsley

Summer savoury

Rosemary – from seed and propagated as shared in my newest reel!

Sweet Thai basil

Holy basil


Lavance lavender

Blue spear lavender

French lavender

Spanish eyes lavender


Calypso Cilantro – Veseys

Angelica – heritage harvest seeds

Medicinal plants and herbs already growing in the garden that I will be splitting and moving are:


Bee Balm

Giant Hyssop



Foxglove (highly poisonous and I’m using for the flowers, not internally, but I keep it in this garden as it’s fenced away from kids and pets!)


Curled Leaf Parsley


Please let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to answer!!

Head over to my instagram by clicking here @life_of_glow for so much more info!

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Canadian Gardeners:

links to the goods

american Gardeners:

Click here for a link to my Amazon gardening faves.

I need to add that I always check dollarama for seed trays and jute twine and other great items for a great deal! 

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